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Wrangler National Finals Rodeo

PRIMESPORT is the Official Ticket Exchange of the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo. Below you will find helpful information regarding the Official Ticket Exchange. If you don't find what you're looking for, please give us a call at 800.591.9198. Thank you for choosing PRIMESPORT!

Can I list my tickets if I do not have them in my possession yet? Yes. Once you have paid for your tickets through Las Vegas Events then you will have the ability to list them on the Official NFR Online Ticket Exchange. Seats determined to be speculative listings can be removed by PrimeSport at any time.

At what price am I able to list my tickets? The lowest price you can list your ticket(s) at is $67.

Can I change the price of my tickets once listed? Yes. To change the list price of your ticket(s), you simply need to log into your PRIMESPORT account and select, “Tickets I’m Selling” from the menu. Here, you can edit your listing price.

Is there a fee for listing my tickets? Yes. You, as the seller, will be charged a 5% SELLER FEE. For example, if you list your ticket for $100 and it sells, you will receive $95.

How do I deliver my tickets if they sell? If your tickets sell, you will be emailed a prepaid FedEx shipping label to be used to ship the tickets to the buyer. *Season tickets are not mailed until September. You will receive your shipping label October 1st and must mail tickets within one week.

How will I be paid once my tickets sell? Sellers can choose to be paid via PayPal or by company check. If you choose to be paid by company check, you will receive your check within seven (7) business days after the buyer receives their ticket(s).

Why are my tickets not showing on the exchange? Tickets may be removed for violating any of our listing policies. Ticket listings will be removed if they are listed below face value or are considered speculative listings.

What happens if I sell my tickets elsewhere? You are welcome to sell your tickets elsewhere. If you no longer have the tickets, you will need to delete your listing from the Official NFR Online Ticket Exchange. Failure to do so may result in a charge to your credit card to cover the cost of replacement tickets to fill the order for your unavailable tickets.

What happens if my tickets do not sell? Unsold ticket listings will be removed from the Official NFR Online Ticket Exchange immediately at the conclusion of the specific National Finals Rodeo event. You will be notified two weeks before the event if your tickets have not sold; however, it is up to the seller to continuously check the status of their ticket listing. There is no guarantee that tickets will sell when they are listed, however the earlier you list the tickets online, the better chance you have of selling them. If tickets are not sold by the middle of November, you have the option of taking ticket listings off of the online exchange, and mailing tickets to the NFR Ticket Exchange at the Cowboy Christmas Gift Show. Tickets returned to Las Vegas Events will follow LVE’s consignment policy. Reimbursement on consigned tickets will be at face value less processing fees. Visit www.NFRExperience.com for more details on the NFR Ticket Exchange at the Cowboy Christmas Gift Show

How do I delete my listing? In order to delete your listing, please log into your account and remove the listing

I do not reside in the United States or Canada. How do I list my tickets? To list tickets for sale on the Official NFR Online Ticket Exchange you must reside in the United States or Canada.

I do not own a computer, how can I sell my tickets through this program? You must have access to a computer and an internet connection to sell your tickets through the official online ticket exchange. However, you do not need a computer or internet access to participate in the Ticket Exchange at the Cowboy Christmas Gift Show, please visit NFRExperience.com

Why is a credit card required to list my tickets? A credit card is required in order to protect PrimeSport in the event that a seller lists tickets and cannot fulfill their order once the tickets sell. A replacement fee will be charged to the credit card provided.

Can I cancel the sale of my tickets once they have been sold? No. Once you have received confirmation about tickets being sold, you must deliver the tickets listed. If tickets are not delivered to the buyer you will be charged the amount seller purchased the tickets for on your credit card.

Is there a listing charge even if my tickets have not sold? No. There is only a fee charged on tickets that are sold.

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